Non-USA Only: UI / Interaction Designer & CSS Skills for a Tiny Company; FT/PT

Posted: Saturday, 08 May 2021 - Salt Lake City, UT
I'm hiring an experienced user interface and interaction designer with CSS skills who will have a huge impact in my tiny company.

My company embraces 100% remote work and flexible hours. This position could be filled full-time or part-time. However, it is not open to residents or citizens of the United States.

I'd like to hire you if you:
  • Love designing usable interfaces; use design patterns and build mobile-first
  • Can translate your designs into CSS / SASS
  • Want to build a genuinely helpful product and continue to work on it after it launches
  • Would be excited to integrate a company's design across all channels
  • Have excellent written and verbal English skills
  • Live outside of the USA, but within 8 hours of GMT-6 (MDT)
  • Are looking for a long-term position, either full-time or part-time
  • Want to work from home
  • And we get along

Your biggest responsibilities will start out as:
  • Design work on our in-progress responsive web/mobile app
  • Design and typography work on amazing pieces of content to support marketing
  • Design work on our website to make it a complete experience and to improve conversions
  • CSS work to translate designs
  • And anything else you're good at. We're a tiny team of three; you'll make us a team of four. (If you'd like to meet the three of us, visit our about us page.)

My company is called Custody X Change. I've been working on the business since 2004. We sell software that creates child custody schedules and parenting plans. We're working on a web/mobile version that will make it easy for families to communicate about custody scheduling, children's activities, and shared expenses. This will reduce a lot of conflict. And it will save people a ton of money in legal fees.

I'm passionate about making a product that's intuitive. Once we get to an alpha release (we're close), we'll watch real customers use the software so we know how to improve it. My goal is to have a product that doesn't frustrate people, but that helps people with their child custody situations.

We've already had quite a bit of design and CSS work done. We've used two separate design agencies, but that hasn't been ideal. We need our designer to be a part of our team and in it for the long-term.

You will be the sole designer on the team. You'll have complete responsibility for the design and you will have primary responsibility for the CSS. You will be involved with any usability studies and may be in charge of moderating them.

If you love building intuitive interfaces for genuinely helpful products, we should talk.

How to apply:
  • Email me at Include your cover letter in PDF format, your resume in PDF format, and links to your online portfolios.
  • Your cover letter needs to give me specific examples of how your experience qualifies you for the major responsibilities in this position, listed as the second set of bullet points. Experience matters to me, so please be specific.
  • You also have to somehow use the word "lemon" in your cover letter and in the subject of your email.
  • Note: agencies need not apply; I'm looking for an employee to join our team


P.S. I want you to be happy working for me. I'll pay you a good salary and you can work normal hours. I care about results, not bureaucracy.