Growth Engineer

Posted: Sunday, 16 May 2021 - San Diego, CA
TaxJar has acquired more than 5,000 paying customers in less than 3 years...and now we're ready to grow.

We're looking to add an extremely talented growth engineer to manage our environment of constantly creating cost-effective solutions to drive meaningful (and measurable) growth. This position is considered to be a crucial, highly strategic role for our company.

Our team is 100% remote, spread across the US from Maine to San Diego. Here's why one ecommerce vet joined the team not too long ago.

This is a full-time remote position, available to folks located in the US. Salary is heavily influenced by experience.

  • Someone to own our conversion funnel and drive growth well beyond our built-in, organic growth rate
  • A habitual experimenter who likes to try out various ways to improve funnel metrics while using data to understand what is, or isn't working and why
  • A data-driven fanatic, well-experienced in A/B testing, funnel analysis, customer acquisition costs, and other relevant SaaS metrics
  • Outstanding organizational skills to create monthly reporting to determine campaign and content effectiveness and ROI
  • Hacker mentality - scrappy, likes to get things done, and believes that quick iterations lead to a faster best
  • Working knowledge of HTML, and CSS and marketing optimization tools like Optimizely and Intercom

  • 3+ years experience in business-to-consumer marketing & communications focused on driving user growth.SaaS experience is a major plus.
  • Relentless focus on user acquisition, conversion rates, analytics and continuous testing
  • Have a solid understanding of conversion and online user acquisition metrics and methods
  • Experience leveraging app store platforms, social media platforms, blogs, forums, and online communities to improve search engine results (SEO) and capture consumers
  • Exposure to search engine marketing (SEM) including, Google AdWords and other platforms
  • Strong writing and editing skills. Ability to write quickly, clearly, and in customer-focused language to help us refine our brand presence and messaging
  • Project management skills. Ability to independently manage high-detail, deadline-sensitive projects professionally with high quality in all deliverables

  • A pro at communicating
  • Accountable
  • Never get tired of learning
  • A team player. We adhere to the No Jerk Code. Too much work to be done to deal with egos.
  • Hungry to play a role that is impactful

All of our employees get the following benefits:
  • Competitive Salary
  • Above market-level equity
  • Work from anywhere (obviously)
  • Health, dental, vision, short-and-long-term disability plans
  • Flexible vacation policy (actually, there is no policy)
  • Company retreats around the country 2x year
  • Perks including Spotify, Netflix, Kindle, and Fitbit