Marketing Engineer

Posted: Monday, 31 May 2021 - Finland
Deveo is company delivering tools to aid software developers and IT organizations. Our two current products are a code hosting and collaboration platform and identity and access management solution. We are currently looking for a person with the ability to contribute to our daily marketing efforts.

In this job, you'll have the ability to contribute towards our marketing goals and grow to be a key player to our remote company. We require technical competency meaning that you can not just throw in ideas how things should be done but actually do them.

Must have's:

  • Managing pay per click campaigns
  • Growing social media reach
  • SEO implementation
  • Marketing automation tools
  • Ability to implement and manage WordPress-site
  • Copy-writing

Extra points for:

  • Experience in programming
  • Understanding of software industry
  • Other marketing experience
  • Interest in blogging and content creation

We offer possibilities for career progression in the company. You will have an opportunity to make a difference in an innovative tech startup. You will be able to work from anywhere and anytime, as long as you can make some of your working time overlapping with business hours in the GMT+3 time zone. Read more about our working culture and hiring process at

The perfect candidate has a passion and a resume to back it up. Please send us links to your Blog, website, or any other resource you wish to showcase. Also, please attach a cover letter telling about yourself and why do you want to work with the people from Deveo.